Wooden Toy Publishing Co

The Wooden Toy Publishing Co was founded in late 2005 by Melbourne born art director, artist, magazine junkie and ping pong afficienado Timba Smits.

Born through a combination of loves, instinct and determination, The Wooden Toy Publishing Co is the embodiment of a desire to design, publish and distribute the most unique, limited and collectible art & design related magazines, books and products the world has ever seen.

Wooden Toy Quarterly is possibly the most design-heavy contemporary culture and art publication ever printed in Australia. Appealing to creative addicts and culture fiends alike, the award winning Wooden Toy Quarterly presents a taste of international creative culture and art as a lifestyle that cannot be separated from a love of brilliant graphic design, mammoth features, art and photography.

With 5000 individually numbered copies distributed 2 times per year, Wooden Toy Quarterly is not only a publication worth collecting for its themed editions alone, but for its aim to document and highlight emerging and established creatives that have in some way been influenced by contemporary culture, design and art while drawing in the creatives that we think can be, and are an influence and inspiration to others.

Covering everything from youth culture, to fashion, music, art, photography & design this mainly one man operation takes up the majority of Timba’s time also competing with his artistic career, the creative direction of Melbourne’s infamous art gallery ‘Gorker’ and his freelance design projects. This man just doesn’t stop. Crikey, if he had any spare time, which is pretty rare, it ought to be spent sleeping, however you are most likely to find Timba hunched over his drawing table, headphones on, putting his 2b pencil to good use!