The Sydney-based design team Webuyyourkids has created a large body of work encompassing posters, album packaging, logos, websites, t-shirt prints and animation. Illustrators at heart, their creative approach has been curiously described as ‘harsh majical’ and ‘fresh as fish in restaurant’.

Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney began working together in 2005, designing and screen-printing music gig posters, which soon led to the broader range of projects they’re involved in today. Clients include Popfrenzy Records, Mushroom Music, EMI, Fosters, MTV, Skateboarding Australia and many local and international bands. The duo have held solo exhibitions at MTV Gallery in Sydney, Melbourne’s Lamington Drive Gallery and Crate59 in Cairns, and have participated in group exhibitions at China Heights Gallery and Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Gorker Gallery in Melbourne, The Centre of Contemporary Arts in Christchurch, Cosh in London and Vallery in Barcelona.

In 2008, Webuyyourkids was nominated for a Sydney Music, Arts & Culture (SMAC) Award for Best Visual Artist. Sonny and Biddy bonded over a mutual interest in movie posters, comics, witchcraft, cats… and the cult horror movie director Dario Argento.