Studio Zeds

Studio Zeds was hatched in 2005 by three designers: Piers Greville, Técha Noble and Dan Preston, who got together while working for an Australian surf brand. With a common penchant for lysergic design and a will to maintain and develop their growing design and art practices– the three of them strung together a number of collaborative projects until 2009.

In its four prolific years, Zeds was immersed in many projects either self published or in partnership with their clients. With illustration as the central theme of Zeds, many design avenues were open: graphics for music and the arts; graphics for fashion, on garments and publicity; architectural graphics – interior and exterior; editorial illustration as well as the Zeds’ own comics and exhibitions.

The success behind Zeds may have come down to its developing a strong sense of immediate cultural context for each work. Also, employing a process driven approach has ensured a marked consistency in their body of work. Rigorous mood-board research at the outset of a job is a crucial part of Zeds’ working process. This functioned in terms of giving confidence for both the client and also for Zeds. The approach worked well in developing Zeds’ inimitable qualities and in forming successful client partnerships. Some of these include: MTV Australia, Insight, Volcom, Myspace, Ministry Of Sound, Sydney Opera House, Vice Publishing, City Of Sydney, as well as many other smaller clients.

In 2009, Studio Zeds changed its focus to accommodate the expanding horizons of the individuals within the collective. Piers currently lives and works in Berlin, Técha in Sydney and Dan in Melbourne.