Stormie Mills

Stormie Mills started painting in 1984, when on a dark, wet night he ventured out to make his first mark on the world. More than twenty-five years later, Stormie has carved a distinctive niche that sees him sited in a global context as a highly collectable contemporary artist.

He’s been invited to Miami Art Basel three times and has produced large-scale commissions and exhibitions in Barcelona, New York, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

In 2002, Stormie was invited to create murals across Greece in preparation for the Athens Olympics and was a guest speaker at the Museum of Contemporary Art, London. In 2009, he travelled to Scotland to transform an abandoned village. A short film documenting the project was screened to critical acclaim at the London Film Festival.

He also produced a limited edition toy, which was retailed in Tokyo and New York and has since become a popular collectible piece. Stormie has established a strong following for his work across a broad sector of the market and continues to attract collectors for his unique statements on life.