Stefanie Flaubert

Architect Stefanie Flaubert is a partner in the Sydney-based studio and workshop Korban/Flaubert, which she founded in 1993 with metal specialist Janos Korban. Working primarily with stainless steel, together they explore motion, sequence and volume to develop sculpture, customised decorative screens and installations.

An emerging area of work involves conceiving, developing and producing site-specific sculpture for corporate and public clients. Korban/Flaubert approach each project as a process of discovery; the interconnectedness of systems and patterns in the world is a continuing source of fascination. They use mathematics and geometry as a tool to extract the logic of forms and networks and distil them into new works.

Central to their creative approach is an examination of the tension between instability and equilibrium. In finished projects, this reveals itself as a sense of contained energy and movement. As model-making and large-scale metal manipulation are central to the development of their sculpture and installations, the creative heart of their operations is the metal workshop, which gives them direct control over their material and free rein for experimentation.

The work of Korban/Flaubert has been exhibited in Australia, Europe, the USA, the UK and Japan.