Simon Taylor

While describing himself as a landscapist, Simon Taylor, originally from New Zealand, has gained recognition for executing idiosyncratic works that blur the boundaries between landart, landscape architecture, botanical design, gardening, sculpture and painting.

Simon holds a diploma in horticulture, degree in landscape architecture and Master’s in visual arts. His broad range of private and public commissions throughout the Asia Pacific region have included parks and gardens, sculptures and installations, festivals and special events, and theatre and film sets.

He has restored and redesigned some of Melbourne’s largest historic gardens and created contemporary landscapes in Australia and New Zealand. Other notable projects include landscape design for the Australian Consul General’s residence in Kobe, Japan, and the ʻSentinels x10ʼ sculpture commission for the National Botanical Gardens in Canberra.

Simon regularly exhibits work in New Zealand and Australia comprising paintings of clay, soil and tree sap, sourced and undertaken in remote landscapes in both countries. Among his latest projects are drought-proof edible landscapes, growing sculptures and drawings from weeds, and collaborating with Aboriginal communities in the Kimberly region of north-western Australia.