Ros Bandt

Ros Bandt is an award winning international sound artist from Australia who has created  a star studded 30 years of sound art, electroacoustic composition, sound installation, inventions, original instruments,  books, CDs and writings.

Her work in endangered sounds in her installations and radiophonic works since the nineties has contributed to environmental and sound culture  awareness,  utilising Indigenous and multi-cultural languages in change, Native wild life, old machinery,lost classical languages, Goatherd songs of Crete, the endangered sound of the Isobue, Japanese Sea Whistle, and the fleeting sounds of Aeolian harps and casuarinas.

Her CD Sonic archaeologies contains award winning works of the archaeology of the land, Mungo and the archaeology of the word, Thrausmata, ancient Greek for Fragments. These were both  mixed in the Studio of acoustic art in Cologne at  the West Deutsch Rundfunk.

As well as her original work she curates large events such as Beaming the Theremin and Hearing Place international audioteque. She has founded the Australian sound design project online gallery and data base of sound designs in public space in Australia.

Ros has been awarded Australia’s highest honours, the Don Banks Composers Award, The ABC sound artist in residence, the sound art Australia prize, and in the USA, she became the Inaugural Benjamin Cohen Peace fellow for her installation Altars of Power and Desire.

She is published by Wergo, New Albion, EMI, Move Records, Au Courant, L’agent des refuses, Cambridge Scholars Press, Fine Arts Press, The Australian Music Centre, Composers Autograph Limited edition and distributed by CDE Music and Indie Records.