Rodney Eggleston

Formerly of DireTribe, Rodney Eggleston and Anne-Laure Cavigneaux formed the award-winning March Studio in 2007, an architecture and interior design consultancy with a unique design aesthetic.

Rodney studied architecture at RMIT University before co-founding March Studio with Anne-Laure in 2007. Since then, March Studio has been commissioned to work on retail interiors, residential houses, art initiatives and more, with an international practice spanning Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Singapore, Zurich and New York. Their clients include Aesop – for whom they have designed 13 stores – and Baker D. Chirico.

March rejects current trends centered around high technology, drawing inspiration from the low-fi, from nostalgia, collective chaos and most importantly from ideas.  Their architecture and interiors are defined by witty, playful, and often opportunistic explorations of materials and manufacturing techniques, delivering outcomes that are, for all their effects, remarkably humble in their presentation.