Robbie Wells

Robbie Wells is a Director of 4DESIGN in Sydney, an industrial design and product development firm recognised internationally
for its creativity and market-driven approach
to design.

An Industrial Designer for more than 20 years, Robbie co-founded the consultancy in 2003, specialising in the design, engineering and manufacture of consumer and commercial products. The firm has specific expertise in developing technically demanding products
for the medical, consumer, mining, defence, commercial, transportation and infrastructure industries.

Robbie and his team believe in a hands-on approach to product development while maintaining a traditional approach to concept development by means of sketch, CAD and physical modelling, they have also embraced industry-leading surfacing software to facilitate complex product solutions.

Their clients include Qantas, Dell, Transport for NSW, Hewlett-Packard, Westinghouse, GE, IBM, Microsoft, AtCor Medical, BT Imaging Systems, Sony, XBox, Insight Sport Technology and Sunbeam.

Since being established, 4DESIGN has developed more than 200 products, been extensively awarded by the world’s leading design authorities, and set up a second office,
in Queenstown, New Zealand.