Richard Seymour

British industrial designer Richard Seymour is the co-founder of SeymourPowell, one of the world’s leading industrial design firms. SeymourPowell has been behind some of the most iconic consumer products of the last two decades.

Richard founded SeymourPowell with Dick Powell in 1984. At present, SeymourPowell consists of 85 staff, containing a design studio, a research centre, a materials library and a prototyping workshop. It is one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies, and has designed anything from trains, butane-fuelled bikes to mobile phones. Richard has also designed items such as a water-efficient, self-cleaning toilet with a self-disinfecting pine seat, and a bra with plastic (not wire) reinforcements. He has worked for clients such as Nokia, Casio, BMW, Minolta, Tefal and more.

A visiting professor at London’s Royal College of Art, Richard is also the President of the British Design & Art Direction Association. Richard is also the consultant global creative director of design to Unilever’s Dove, Axe/Lynx and Vaseline brands. Along with his talents in product design, Richard is also a cellist.