Dany Elied and Denis Kruger, all managing partners, who, with their passion for technology based design and coding have founded the company Pixelbug. Their production is based
on interaction, unique experiences and fun.
They work with their clients from start to finish. From storyboarding, project management, development and design, they work in tandem with their clients to conceptualize the campaigns and deliver customized market-ready solutions.

The thing they love the most is the challenge of bridging the gap between technology and marketing. Making it work across all industries and forcing themselves to forever innovate their process.

Some of their clients include, Nestle, where they brought to life the Nesquik bunny, Quicky, Citibank, who wanted a demonstrate how easy it was to use their new banking portal and many more. They also created an app for the 2014 agIdeas event, Look Upstairs, that allows one interact with other speakers content. It can be downloaded here- http://pixelbug.com/agideas/