Peychwen Lin

Peychwen Lin is Director of the Digital Art Lab at the National Taiwan University of Arts. She initiated the university’s Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts and was one of the founding directors of the Taiwan Women’s Art Association. Professor Lin received her doctorate in Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong, Australia, in 1995.

Her artworks are represented in international museums such as the National Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, MOCA Taipei, Kaohsiung Museum of Arts, and the Queens Museum of Art in the USA. They have been presented at festivals including Art Stage Singapore, the Taipei Digital Art Festival, 404 Art Festivals in Italy and Argentina, the Shanghai Electronic Art Festival, Exit and VIA Art Festivals in France, Engain-les Bains Digital Art Festival in Paris and the Taipei and Taiwan Biennials.

Professor Lin has been a committee member for many art competitions and festivals, such as the Taipei Digital Art Festival, Siggraph Taipei international conference and exhibition, Taipei International Flora Exposition, New Taipei Art Award, Taipei Public Art festival and the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival. Her achievements have been published in several notable art books, including ‘The History of Contemporary Taiwan Woman Artists’, ‘Installation Art in Taiwan’, ‘Taiwan Contemporary Art’, ‘Taiwan Modern Art Series’, ‘The History and Development of Digital Art’, ‘Art of Taiwan’, ‘Digital Aesthetics’, ‘Art Island – An Archive of Taiwan Contemporary Artists’, ‘Taiwan Digital Art E Files’, ‘Yearbook of Chinese Contemporary Art in China’ and the UK feminist art journal ‘n.paradoxa’.