Paul Priestman

Paul Priestman is a travel and transport designer and consultant, the co-founder of Priestmangoode, along with Nigel Goode.

After graduating with a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in 1986, Paul Priestman started a design consultancy. It became Priestmangoode three years later when he was joined by Nigel Goode, and the company now has 25 designers based in central London. Major projects have ranged from designing aircraft interiors for Airbus to rooms for Motel 6, the US budget hotel chain.

Priestmangoode is the leading global travel and transport design consultancy, believing that design is not just about style, but about making products and services better and more efficient. From initial strategy and concept design through to design detailing for production, their work delivers creative, effective and innovative design solutions that help transform businesses.

Their unique ability to transfer design skills across sectors has enabled them to deliver industry-changing products, such as the most cost-effective budget hotel room in the world for Accor’s ETAP and Motel 6 brands as well as award-winning interiors for many of the world’s leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers including Airbus,Boeing, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Along with their consultancy work, Priestmangoode likes to generate their own concepts such as the Mercury High Speed train and Waterpebble. This work aims to address problems faced in everyday life and prompts public discourse about design.