Nicola Cerini

Textile designer Nicola Cerini has gained wide recognition for her own brand of bags, accessories, homewares and prints. She also collaborates with other design companies, applying her highly individual imagery to a broad range of products, from floor rugs to ceramics.

Passionate about textiles, Nicola graduated from RMIT University with an arts degree in textile design in 1991 and just four years later established her design studio and brand, Nicola Cerini Australia. In 1999, her distinctive ‘Plasto’ range was introduced and quickly became a signature of her business.

Nicola finds inspiration for her designs in her immediate surroundings, love of nature, travel, and affection for Australia’s native flora and wildlife. Her design philosophy emphasises beauty, practicality, high quality, natural materials and an environmental conscience. Her business supports conservation projects and is run on ethical and sustainable principles.

Alongside her business achievements, Nicola maintains her textile arts practice, exhibiting both locally and abroad. She also shares her skills through lecturing, internships and mentorships.

Nicola is dedicated to creating beautiful objects and continues to explore wider applications for her designs.