Neil Lawrence

Neil Lawrence is corporate Australia’s favourite ad man, a master of Mergers & Acquisition campaigns. He is the founder of Lawrence Creative Strategy, as well as the Executive Creative Director of STW.

Neil has worked on large-scale corporate campaigns such as Wesfarmers, AGL, BHP Billiton and Qantas.

He created the Australian Labor Party’s winning Kevin07 campaign, helping to elect a new Labor Prime Minister after 11 years of a Coalition Government, and in 2010, crafted the Mineral Council of Australia’s highly successful $17.5 million Keep Mining Strong marketing coup that helped to kill the Resources Super Profits Tax, also dooming Kevin Rudd’s leadership.

He has also been behind the 2009 campaign supporting Anna Bligh’s bid to be elected Australia’s first female Premier in Queensland.

Neil has also been behind the Cut Emissions, Not Jobs campaign, and has worked on major rebranding and campaigns for BHP Billiton.

Neil founded Lawrence Creative Strategy in 2007, which continues to help Australian companies and organisations with strategy, design consultancy and advertising, working over federal and state election campaigns, corporate crises, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder communications and major consumer brand-positioning campaigns.

Lawrence Creative Strategy’s An Address to the Nation’ video, concerning the future of Aboriginal Employment for Generation One, generated over 6 million views in one night.