Nathan Thompson

Lighting designer Nathan Thompson has worked across the spectrum for light design since 1974, for rock and roll, for theatre, nightclubs, manufacturing and more.

Nathan has worked with light across corporate clients, theatrical and musical productions, manufacturing, art, education and design consulting since 1975.

In 1985 he began work at the Flaming Beacon company as the Design Director and Principal, developing the company into a successful lighting design consultancy that has worked on projects on all continents in the world, from boutique developments to iconic hotel, resort and restaurant projects. Recent projects include work for the GHM Hotel chain in Taipei and in Muscat, Spice Temple in Sydney, and the Ephelia Resort in Seychelles.

Nathan has also lectured at various colleges and universities, including at the UCLA in Los Angeles.

He is currently a lecturer in the master’s program in Architecture at Hochschule Wismar, Germany.