Naomi Herzog

Celebrated photographer Naomi Herzog joined the circus when she was finishing her photography studies, and hasn’t looked back. She is renowned for her collaborative work with Jill Orr, orchestrated at Mitre Lake in 2007.

Naomi was only just finishing her photographic studies in 1993 when she joined the circus. For her, photography was an art of the mind, while the circus was an expression of art through the body. At the end of her show, a few of the other circus women asked Naomi to take photographs of them on the special trapeze rig, at dawn, with the women nude, using red lights against the dawn sky, creating a unique expression of strength and beauty.

She proceeded to continue taking photographs of the circus women, a monumental task given that the circus employed 120 women, and Naomi set out to show the integrity and elements of the circus and the strength of its women in her limited budget. She exhibited her photographs in a project titled Death: The Musical, which led to further collaborative work with other creatives.

In 2007, Naomi photographed Jill Orr at Mitre Lake, as Jill undertook two performances over the salt pans, dealing with themes of the environment and social transformation. The images have been collected by the National Gallery of Victoria.