Monster Children

Through their Monster Children street magazine, gallery, products and online presence, Campbell Milligan and Chris Searl have developed a cult following of skaters, surfers, creatives and anybody who is into clothes, music, art, attitude and humour. The Sydney duo are romantic yet cynical, smart yet unsophisticated, stubborn yet super excitable.

As a photographer, Chris has created national and international campaigns for clients such as Corona, Levis, Sony Music, Bonds, Stussy, Myer, Insight, Modular Records, Vice, Harpers and more. He has directed and shot commercials for Nike, General Pants and Triple J. At present, he works as co-Editor and Photographer for Monster Children. The Art Director of Monster Children, Campbell, has had over 15 years of experience as a creative director in magazines, branding, advertising and design work for companies such as Sony, Nike, Quiksilver and NGA.

Together, they make up the core of Monster Children, an edgy Sydney-based publication fuelled by contributions from their cool-cat editorial staff, who, along with their day jobs, sometimes wear their sunglasses indoors. Monster Children is a no-trend, casual, hilarious and smart-arsed take on street style and popular culture, covering skating, surfing, filmmaking and music, and publishes an annual photographic masterpiece.