Michael Persson

Michael Persson has helped build some of Scandinavia’s most iconic brands. Currently Director of Global Marketing Communications with Volvo Cars, he has worked with SAS, Absolut Vodka and the Royal Swedish Opera, where he built a new brand platform that is now considered a benchmark for cultural marketing.

In 1988, Michael earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing at Uppsala University, Sweden. Prior to becoming the Global Marketing Communications Director of Volvo, Michael worked as the Marketing and Sales Director of the Royal Swedish Opera, initiating a major brand repositioning. He has also worked as the Marketing Director of Absolut, and the Product and Brand Manager of Scandinavian Airlines, gaining extensive marketing experience.

As part of his work in Volvo, Michael has refocused all of Volvo’s communication channels, producing more assets for local markets and linking up people in the marketing departments to local audiences. Volvo’s tone of voice was amended to become more emotional and bolder in order to stand out from its competitors. Although the car industry’s sales are dropping in general, under Michael’s marketing leadership, Volvo has begun to make sales increases and progress in the U.S.