Based in Melbourne, Susan Dimasi (BA, MA, Tailoring / Systems) and Chantal Kirby (BA, Systems and Surfaces) entered into a design partnership in 2003 and by 2004 materialbyproduct was officially formed.

With undeniable talent, Dimasi and Kirby are designing appropriate fashion for our culture, our time and our place globally. They are answering the questions of sustainability and the relevance of fashion whilst still being conceptual luxurists who are continuing to redefine fashion.

 Dimasi and Kirby have created their own unique technical language, systems for production and new approaches to manufacturing within their own workroom. Like a Chanel suit or bag where the tailoring and small details make it unmistakably Chanel, materialbyproduct have developed their own fashion language, which is unmistakably materialbyproduct.

 Together they combined Dimasi’s passion for tailoring and the innovation of design systems with Kirby’s mastery in drapery and unique take on surfaces.

Both designers regularly present in national and international fashion, design, and sustainability forums by invitation and over the past six years they have been awarded some of fashion’s most prestigious industry awards as well as being exhibited both in Australia and overseas.