Luca Missoni

Luca Missoni is one of three siblings involved in the renowned Italian fashion house Missoni, a family fashion business established by their parents Ottavio ‘Tai’ and Rosita Missoni over 50 years ago.His sister Angela runs the women’s label, his brother Vittorio is the Marketing Director, and Luca is the Creative Director of the menswear labels and Missoni Sport. He works in Varese and in New York.

“Ask the Missonis to describe their style,” June Weir wrote in Vogue in 1981, “and Rosita replies, ‘It’s a lifestyle more than a fashion.’” Missoni has been seen as the essence of Italian fashion, and has been at the forefront of the Italian fashion industry for more than 50 years, with innovations such as featherweight space-dyed knits, quilted knits, boiled knits, reversible coats, adjustable drawstrings and more. Missoni products have been part of many exhibits, and have blurred the line between fashion and fine art.

Luca has long specialised in the research and development of knitwear design, pursuing new patterns and the optimal use of diverse textile machinery. Luca is also director of the Missoni Archive and is developing a museum project to preserve the company’s heritage.