Lisa Oaten

Lisa has worked as an Industrial Designer for 15 years, including 4 years in Sweden where she worked with clients such as Absolut (Vodka), Carlsberg (Beer/beverages), Octanorm (Exhibition products) and Oticon (Hearing care).

On returning to Australia in 2006, Lisa started Studio Periscope working with Fosters Group, Enjo Australia / International, SDI and selected as an Innovation Award Finalist for the Business 3000 Awards in 2012 for The Traveller and winning a Good Design Award in 2013 for the BlueAnt Ribbon Stereo Bluetooth Streamer.


With the insight that “it’s hard to find non-tacky Australian gifts”, Lisa started FromWoopWoop in 2010, developing her own line of Australian themed homeware products, entirely sustainable and made in Australia.

Lisa is passionate about environmentally sustainable product development and solutions. And has conducted significant research and development into sustainable materials on behalf of her clients. Her leadership of the Studio Periscope team ensures a commitment to excellence and an invaluable contribution to projects.