Leah Heiss

Leah Heiss is a Melbourne-based artist and designer who uses advanced technologies to develop potent human-scale projects.

Through her collaborative practice she works with experts from a range of disciplines including nanotechnology, medicine, manufacturing and fashion design.

Leah’s current projects include rethinking the design of hearing technologies, collaborating with healthcare providers to develop biosignal sensing jewellery, and designing a swallowable gas sensor to detect disease.

Her work ‘Polarity’, using nano-engineered magnetic liquid (Ferro Fluid) in a dynamic installation, was a finalist in the 2012 National New Media Artist Award at The Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland.

Her Diabetes Jewellery, developed in collaboration with Nanotechnology Victoria,
is a range of discreet and beautifully designed housings for therapeutics. The concept received wide international media exposure and was featured on Australian television and radio
and in print.

‘Thin Skin’ is a tessellated fabric surface that responds to human presence and activates visualisations and audio experiences, as an ongoing investigation into how conductive materials can be used to enrich our experience
of physical space.

Leah has an extensive knowledge of
next-generation materials and processes and brings an arts practice approach to the making
of work. Her research, practice and teaching are trans-disciplinary, using a toolkit containing shape-memory alloys, magnetic liquid, electroluminescent cable and electricity conducting textiles.

Leah holds a Master of Design degree from the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory at RMIT University, Melbourne, where she currently lectures in Interior Design.

Her work has been exhibited and presented locally and globally.