John Barratt

John Barratt is president and CEO of the long-established global industrial design consultancy Teague, headquartered in Seattle, USA. John dedicates his time to positioning the company for future success while building on its rich heritage, striking a careful balance between evolving the Teague brand and safeguarding the legacy. During his five years in the position, he’s established and strengthened Teague’s partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands including Hewlett-Packard, Nike, The Boeing Company, Starbucks, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Rockwell Collins and Microsoft. John completed a bachelor’s degree in three-dimensional design at Teesside Polytechnic, UK, and then a master’s degree in industrial design at Leicester Polytechnic.

He joined Exatiss Concept in Paris as a product designer in 1990, moving after five years to Philips Design in Holland, where he had the great fortune to work under the direction of Stefano Marzano, building and leading design teams that embodied poetic design, passionate creative direction and a missionary zeal to exceed expectations. In five years at Philips, John held leading positions in their Hong Kong, Eindhoven and New York studios and then, as strategic design manager, established a coherent brand language across Philips’ ranges of telecommunication products, initiating and implementing a future-focused ideation process for the burgeoning mobile phone market. His global experience in operational and strategic roles at Philips Design facilitated his move to Teague in 1999.

Under John’s direction, Teague’s contributions to design have been honoured with dozens of prestigious awards including multiple Red Dot, IDEA, Good Design and iF awards.