Georgia Chapman

Georgia Chapman co-founded Vixen Australia in 1992, and maintains a strong professional profile including exhibitions, lectures and commissions.

Georgia Chapman’s original fabrics evolve through research into other cultures and textile history. The fabrics are dyed, over-dyed, hand printed, etched, embellished.

Looking back to other times, seeking out textile traditions to authenticate her work and interpreting early arts and crafts, Georgia is constantly reinventing the old, collecting and creating anew.

Pattern, texture, sensual layers and rich colours have been Vixen Australia’s signature for twelve years. Design-based and finely crafted in keeping with age-old traditions, two fashion ranges per year are available through retail outlets. A trans-seasonal range of homeware is also now available through selected stores.

Vixen does not slavishly reproduce seasonal pieces that will date quickly and suit few women. Instead, the collections are a considered response to the body and to the market’s needs.Vixen is something to treasure and wear, year in, year out.