Ernst Hiestand

Ernst Hiestand is a prominent Swiss graphic designer best known for designing the 6th range of Swiss banknotes with Ursula Hiestand. In 1980, Ernst Hiestand began his own studio, now known as Ernst Hiestand+Partner AG; working for clients such as ABM, BP, DG Bank, Ernst & Co and more. Ernst focuses on the ‘philosophy of simplicity’ across typography, colour and factual photography in corporate design, particularly with regards to packaging.

An advocate of design in the vein of classic 1920s Modernism, Ernst Hiestand worked on banknote design for the Swiss National Bank with Ursula Hiestand.

When the Swiss National Bank reassessed its policy regarding banknote design, the duo produced banknotes whose front face was dominated by the portrait of a historic personality, and a relevant topical back.

Ernst Hiestand is also Head of Visual Communications department at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich and has been an AGI member since 1968.