Dylan Brady

Co-principal of Melbourne-based architectural firm studio505, Dylan Brady leads a team that is involved in a range of cutting-edge, controversial and certainly distinctive design projects in Australia and around the world.

Specialising in sustainable and innovative design across all built forms, from sculptures and facades to super-tall buildings, Dylan Brady and fellow director Dirk Zimmermann have taken studio505 on a remarkable architectural journey through the scales of design, architecture and construction.

Founded in 2002, studio505 has developed an intense and considered approach to architecture, exploration and communication. The studio seeks to inform, learn from and test their clients and themselves by rigorously investigating and experimenting with the possibilities and outcomes inherent in the practice of design.

Current projects include the carbon neutral ‘Pixel Building’ on the CUB site in Melbourne’s CBD; a 4000 metre2 art facade as a part of the Wintergarden shopping centre redevelopment in Brisbane; a 900-bed hospital in Singapore; an Indigenous Australian/Classical Chinese Art and History exhibition in Beijing; a major cultural arts theatre and education building, also in China; and three little beach houses.