David Ansett

David Ansett is the co-founder of Truly Deeply, one of Australia’s leading brand and communication consultancies. Prior to Truly Deeply, he was the co-founder of Storm Design.

David co-founded Storm Design in 1990, and worked as the Creative Director of Storm as a ‘sum of disparate parts'; part ideator of brands, part designer of evocative messages, a decoder of visual DNA, part artistic philanthropist, part lecturer, part mentor, part commentator and more.

As part of his decades of experience in design and corporate communications, he worked with brands such as ANZ, Australia Post, the City of Stonnington, Mercedes-Benz and more.

David co-founded Truly Deeply Brand Consultants with Peter Singline, which works with many of Australia’s leading public and private organisations on brand identity and communications.

Truly Deeply is a regular winner of local and international design awards, and their work has been published in over a dozen international design publications.

David lectures at Swinburne National School of Design, and has written on the subject of brand design for marketing publications and online brand and design sites. He is also the primary contributor to the popular Truly Deeply brand and design blog.