Chris Perks

Chris Perks is best known as the founder of Perks Design Partners, one of Australia’s most innovative integrated brand identity consultants.
Founded in 1992, Perks Design Partners has worked for some of Australia’s best-known brands, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, specialising in corporate identity, branding and packaging design.

In 2007, Schawk Inc acquired Perks Design Partners and Brand ID, turning them into part of Anthem Worldwide, a Schawk strategic design company.

Chris became the Managing Director of Anthem’s Melbourne office, which was known as Anthem Perks for a while before becoming Anthem.

Anthem manages brand creation, long-term vision, client-centered workflow and predictable schedules, quality and cost, with offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New Jersey, New York, St. Paul, San Francisco, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and York.