Chris Khalil

As Director of User Experience & Design at News Limited, Sydney-based Chris Khalil leads a large team working across a portfolio of digital products that reach more than seven and half million Australians each month.

Chris, who has been in the User Experience (UX) design field for 16 years and holds a PhD in the subject, loves operating at the confluence of technology and humanity, creating digital products that are for humans but powered by the infinite possibilities of an entirely malleable digital medium.

With his highly experienced team, he has helped take News Limited to top spot in the following digital categories: news (including sport) and weather, gaming, recipes, fashion, lifestyle, and health & well-being.

In his time, Chris has designed experiences for other clients as diverse as BHP Billiton, CGU,
Goodyear and Schlumberger, turning his hand to challenges such as thermonuclear power plant control panels, immersive augmented reality environments, seismic simulators, artificially intelligent agents, virtual worlds such as Second Life, as well as more conventional web, mobile and tablet products.

As a leading thinker in his field, he has presented at international conferences and contributed to seminal books on the subject. His work has won several national awards and he has been a judge on international design competitions.

Chris has also worked on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research at University College London, Loughborough University (Leicestershire, UK), and XeroxParc Europe (Cambridge, UK), all of which have been deemed world class for HCI by the International Computer Science Review.