Brian Steendÿk

Blurring the lines between art, architecture and product, Perth designer Brian Steendÿk’s bold and energetic work utilises various media to create a sculptural allure, exploring line, colour and form through objects of various scale, from teacups to residences.

Passionate about designs that are environmentally, functionally and aesthetically sustainable, Brian weaves into each design an emotive sculptural quality that possesses an underlying logic, resulting in pertinent objects that combine elegance with panache and gracefully improve peoples’ lives while minimising the impact on the planet.

Well versed in the art of being environmentally smart, technologically savvy, well-travelled and globally educated, Brian’s pioneering practice is interested in transcending architecture as a discipline by resolving projects from an interdisciplinary design perspective.

Many of Brian’s architectural and product designs have attracted national recognition, have featured in numerous publications and his work has been exhibited across the world, including London, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, Taipei and Chicago.