Australia Project

The Australia Project is a series of initiatives engaging the creative community and the general public in exploring and redefining clichéd national stereotypes in the hope of revealing a unique perspective on contemporary Australian culture.

The curators of the project, Chris Edser, Scott Heinrich and Yianni Hill, have each won travelling scholarships through past agIdeas student competitions, including twelve-month residencies at Fabrica, the Benetton Group’s communications research centre in northern Italy.

Fabrica is an applied creativity laboratory where young creative people from around the world come together to develop innovative projects and explore new directions in a diverse range of communication mediums, mentored by leading figures in art and communication.

Upon returning to Australia, the trio collectively developed the concept for a project exploring our national identity and invited local creatives to participate. Contributors include prominent artists, designers, illustrators, musicians, writers, photographers and filmmakers. Members of the general public have also been encouraged to participate in the debate through a series of workshops, interviews and a photographic series entitled ‘Visions’. The Australia Project is a collection of these explorations.