Annabel Dundas

Founder and Creative Director of TILT Design in London, Annabel Dundas has gained an international reputation in motion graphics, branding and design. She leads an award-winning creative team that has built an impressive portfolio of projects.

Annabel has more than 15 years experience in creating design on an international level. Trained as a Graphic Designer, she quickly jumped into broadcast design, exploring the art of the moving image.

Having worked around the world, she has been influenced by many cultures and therefore has a broad understanding of different markets and how audiences perceive visual communication.

Under Annabel’s guidance, TILT Design focuses on combining strategic thinking and imaginative visual expression, and has a very hands-on approach that ensures clients receive a fully developed, end-to-end creative process. The company, established in 1999 in London, has a cache of highly regarded clients including FIFA, BBC Worldwide, Endemol and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Annabel’s ethos of creating beautiful work ensures that every project starts with a strong concept and finishes with the highest level of production.