Andrew Rogers

New art forms created by Andrew Rogers are a continuing contribution to contemporary visual arts. This innovative narrative is being realised in many commissions, with his work forging new paths in the use of materials and reflecting contemporary conceptual thinking.

These directions take their lead from a special facet of Andrew’s creative output; the creation of the world’s largest contemporary land art project the ‘Rhythms of Life’ comprises massive geoglyphs constructed in deserts, high plains, fjords and gorges, and on mountain slopes.

These works by the Melbourne-based artist are metaphors for the eternal cycle of life and all the attendant emotions that colour human existence. They are optimistic symbols of life and regeneration, expressive and suggestive of human striving and introspection.

Connected drawings on the surface of the earth refer to the physical building blocks of history and civilisation, while addressing the interconnection of humanity throughout time and space. The artworks continually push the boundaries in terms of form and social comment. Andrew’s recent works have also explored human emotion, interpersonal social relationships and the future of the physical environment.