Alex Lehours

Alex Lehours is a Sydney-based artist, illustrator, muralist and designer whose work can best be described as an eccentric explosion of chaos, humour, colour and absolute randomness.

He has worked on numerous projects, both domestic and international, including commissions for The Black Keys, Stolichnaya Vodka, Fuel TV, Facebook, Mad Mex, Very Nearly Almost Magazine, Westfield, Stupid Krap, Desktop Magazine and Dephect Clothing.

Alex uses inks, pens, paints, watercolours and aerosols in his work, and has declared red as his favourite colour, because it’s ‘bold and daring’. That gives an inkling into how his mind and art work together to create a cataclysmic visual ‘boom!’. Another insight comes from exploring his bookshelves, where you’ll find titles like ‘The Disposable Skateboard Bible’, ‘The Art Of Modern Rock’, ‘Russian Prisoner Tattoos’ and ‘The Great American Pin Up’. It’s all there in one of his recent print works, ‘Weird, Disgusting Behaviour’, a chaotic luchador-inspired design expressing his childhood fascination with those bizarre wrestling programs on TV.

Alex has been involved in many exhibitions and live painting events at galleries, venues and events including the National Gallery of Victoria, Studio, Without Walls Volume 3, King of Nothing’s Tomorrow’s Nostalgia, Damp Space and Insert Coin.