Agnete Enga

Industrial designer Agnete Enga is a founding member of Femme Den, the New York team of design researchers, industrial designers and engineers based at Smart Design who are paving the way for a deeper understanding of gender in product design.

Femme Den began as an underground collective of women at the industrial design firm Smart Design, searching for answers in a world that was not designed for them.

With the aim ‘to save good women from bad products’, the group believes that gender must be part of every design project, in the same way that we consider function, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Members of the Femme Den team speak on design and gender at conferences and events around the world, working to stimulate positive change in the design and business communities.

Originally from Norway, Agnete holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

In her work at Smart Design, she creates innovative product solutions in a variety of arenas, including entertainment, health,
home and transportation.

Agnete has received several design awards and has been published in many international design magazines.