Typography Workshop: The Imperfect Letter


Presented in partnership with Monash University, The Imperfect Letter had attendees work with Henrik Kubel from renowned A2-Type, a London based design studio and type foundry. This workshop introduced the process of drawing letters and generating ideas for future fonts by way of sketching by hand. No colour allowed!


A2-Type is a new type foundry set up by A2/SW/HK. Established to release and distribute over a decades worth of specially crafted typefaces the foundry offers access to a unique collection of fonts. A lucky few learned from Henrik and his experience with designing custom fonts for clients, such as; Expedia, Airbnb, The Independent Newspaper and associated magazines, Royal College of Art, UK Government in collaboration with Margaret Calvert, Amplify, Aperture magazine, SteensenVarming, Afterall Journal, RIBA Journal, Motorola, Optimum, Faber & Faber, Friends of the Earth, Wallpaper*, Traveler magazine and Harvard University Press.


This is a DIA accredited event. It is worth 7 points of CPD.