Designing Products: Get hands on with Twitter, Pinterest and fuseproject



In partnership with San Francisco Design Week we presented designers from Twitter, Pinterest and fuseproject. Attendees had the chance to look inside these companies and learn how they develop new products, from apps to hardware, through design-led strategies.

Masterclass Guest Lecturers

Many people hear the term product and think of a toothbrush or a toaster, and when they hear product designer they think industrial design. However the Bay Area is full of great product companies that design and build many types of products from computers, to speakers, to thermostats, to websites and apps. These products bring together a variety of designers to create something people can see, touch and use. Whether you’re an industrial designer, graphic designer, user experience designer, interaction designer, illustrator, or user researcher. If you are working on product or in a product team, you are product designer. This Masterclass breaks down the silos of design disciplines and celebrates the evolution of product design as a multidisciplinary field.


This intimate Masterclass gave us a peek behind the scenes at how companies from the Bay Area approach designing products, and provide a taste of the unique challenges they face day-to-day and exposure to the methods used to tackle them.

Participants worked with a small group of practicing and aspiring product designers and get their hands dirty solving a real challenge.



This event is a DIA accredited event. It is with 7 points of CPD.