Dr Robert Crocker


Acting Director
Zero Waste SA Research Centre for
Sustainable Design and Behaviour

University of South Australia
Research Expertise
Consumption History and Theory, Consumption and Waste, Sustainable Consumption, Design History and Theory
Robert is the Coordinator of the UniSA’s DESIS Lab, and has a particular research interest in the history and theory of consumerism, sustainability and design. He is working on a book on this subject called ‘Somebody Else’s Problem’ (for Greenleaf UK, 2015). He is involved in the ‘Adelaide Living Labs’ project for the CRC for Low Carbon Living, and is task leader developing a ‘Co-Creation Methodology’ for development. He is now working on an edited book on Re-use and a conference (and exhibition) on ‘Un-making Waste’. His most recent publications were Motivating Change (Routledge, 2013) and Designing for Zero Waste (Routledge, 2012).
Industry Experience
  • DESIS 
  • Zero Waste South Australia 
  • Department of State Development (formerly DMITRE) 
  • Renewal South Australia (partners of CRC for Low Carbon Living) 
  • Department of Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia
    Adelaide City Council
  • Charles Sturt Council 
  • Community Alliance South Australia

Industry Experience

  • Best Collaborative Research Project (UniSA, 2012)
  • And other various minor awards