Dr Kathleen Connellan

PhD, MTech (Interior Des), BA. Hons (Art Hist), HDE (Educ), BFA

Senior Lecturer and Researcher
Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
University of South Australia
Research Expertise
Design for Health and well being, Critical Race studies and Design, Foucault and Design
Kathleen Connellan PhD, is a senior lecturer in design history and theory in the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. She has researched and published on issues of marginalisation in disability, race, gender and culture with a particular focus upon the symbolic attributes of the colour white in the design of space, products and messages. Her most recent work concentrates upon wellbeing and designing for a therapeutic milieu. She has had numerous leadership roles in design research over the past decades where her concern has always been to link an understanding of art, architecture and design with ethical issues in visual representation and human involvement. 
Key publications include:
Connellan, K. Gaardboe, M, Riggs, D, Due, C, Reinschmidt, A & Mustillo, L. (2013). Stressed Spaces: Mental Health and Architecture, a review of the literature. Health Environments Research and Design Journal(HERD), 6, no.4, 127–168
Connellan, K. (2013). The Psychic Life of White: power and space. Organization Studies.
Connellan, K. (2013). Parrēsia: between principles and practices in design. Annual Review: International journal of Design Principles. 6, 11-22.
Riggs, D.W., Due, C., & Connellan, K. (2013). Duty stations and the regulation of space in mental health wards. Australian Community Psychologist, 25, no.1, 97 -112.
Connellan, K. (2012). The Social Politics of White. In M. De Long & B. Martinson (Eds.) Color and Design. Berg.
Connellan, K. (2010). White and fitted: perpetuating modernisms. Design Issues, 26, no.3., 51-62.
Industry Experience
  • Advisor and researcher in mental health wards and dementia and aged care units.