Dr Ingo Kumic

PhD, MUrbDes, BLarch

Strategic Advisor, City Strategy and Development
City Futures
Knox City Council
Research Expertise
Strategic Design, City Brands, Place Strategy and Development, Business of Local Government, Urban Renewal
Over the past 20 years, Ingo has developed a sound international standing as a ‘strategic design lead’ with particular expertise at the intersection of (urban) design and the business of cities.This experience spans government, NGO’s, and the private sector in Australasia, the Middle East, and Europe and has included collaborations with The European Commission, French Ministry for Housing and Infrastructure, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the International Energy Agency, European Local and State Government and more recently, Australian local and State Government in Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

With undergraduate qualifications in landscape architecture (BLArch, Canberra ‘91) and post graduate qualifications in urban design (MUrbDes, Sydney ‘98) and architecture (PhD, Sydney ‘08), he has pursued both an industry and academic course examining cities through its social behaviours, networks and organization.

He has managed a steady regime of public speaking, tutoring, lecturing, and panel duties for institutions here and overseas. They have included The AA School of Architecture London, The Bartlett University College London, University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of Melbourne, Deutsche Bank, International Energy Agency and ICOMOS.

To be effective in his roles, Ingo has developed sound skills in advocacy, innovation, and partnership building in addition to more traditional competencies in organisational management, the built environment disciplines, social sciences (economic development, community planning, cultural development) and communications (brand strategy, public relations, community engagement).

He has written for both popular and critical publications and currently Chairs a Committee on ANZAC ‘commemorative naming’ for the State Government of Victoria, is an Advisor/ member Tonsley Redevelopment Reference Group for the State Government of South Australia , and is an Editorial Advisor for the Journal for Place Management and Development (Metropolitan University of Manchester)

Industry Experience
  • Director, NSW Department of Planning
  • Project Director, South Sydney Development Corporation
  • Advisor to Development Director Barangaroo Delivery Authority
  • Manager Partnerships and Policy London South Central, Cross River Partnership
  • Collaborator with London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Collaborator with International Energy Agency