Our People

The Design Foundation is a not for profit organisation that was established in 1991 to raise awareness about the power of design by exploring the differences within design and that design can make, through the agIdeas events and now the broader Ideas on Design program.


  • Great design is a creative problem solving strategy that results from the synergy between the rational and the intuitive, based on a deep understanding and focus on its end user.
  • It is strategic and creative allowing for innovative solutions that help us to see, interpret and be in our world differently.
  • Design links creativity with strategy for innovation, providing opportunities to improve productivity and economic prosperity, and preserve and improve our standard of living allowing for innovative solutions that help us to see, interpret and be in our world differently.
  • Great design  comes from people who are capable of seeing differently, drawing on diverse knowledge and expertise and combining the rational and the intuitive.
  • Great designers require an understanding of the multiplicity of human existence, the desire to draw on knowledge and research across disciplines and have diverse, disruptive and adaptive creative practices.
  • Great design comes from a community that demands a world that looks and works better.
  • Firms that apply design as a strategic business capability generally out perform those that don’t.
  • Any community that wants to make the most out of its future in a world of limited resources needs a strong design culture at its core.
  • Our aim is to contribute to a strong and vibrant design culture.


Ken Cato AO


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Shaghayegh Moshtarikhah