Design Seeds


Design Seeds aims to encourage children to reflect on the everyday role of design and how they might use it to improve their lives and the lives of others. Design awareness can greatly enhance the general knowledge and understanding of all children, not just those who will become our future designers. The workshop encourages collaboration, sharing of resources and celebrates collective creativity.The children were truly inspired and the event was significant in raising their understanding of design and inspirited many students to explore their own creativity. As the primary school sector in Victoria further embraces design as part of the school curriculum the program becomes ever more relevant. After their experiences at the workshop some teachers adapted the model to run within the school environment.

Primary schools were invited to bring along a group of inquisitive and innovative students to participate in activities with internationally acclaimed designers in this inspirational workshop. Now in its fourth year, Design Seeds provides more than 500 primary school children with an opportunity to understand the world of design.All young minds are fired with imagination, stoked by curiosity — and from imagination springs new ideas. By sparking in the children a realisation that design plays a role in their everyday lives and an understanding of how they can influence the way things look and work, the program aims to set them on a path to becoming champions for design, to have the curiosity to imagine a better world and the understanding of how to make it so.