Professor Gerda Gemser


Professor: Business and Design
Faculty of Economics, Finance and Marketing
Design Research Institute

RMIT University
Research Expertise
Design & Innovation Management, Design Effectiveness, Design Thinking, Design Orientation
Gerda received her PhD in Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in 1999. Gerda does research on design and innovation management in the creative industries. She has been a visiting scholar at leading research universities, including The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (US) and Saunder School of Business, The University of British Columbia (Canada). In the last 15 years, she has held (assistant and associate) professorships at different Dutch universities including Erasmus University and Delft University of Design. Currently she is one five international Professors of Design appointed by RMIT University to further strengthen the University’s leadership and expansion of design research. Gerda has published in leading management and design journals such as Organization Science, Organization Studies, Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Design Studies and International Journal of Design.
Industry Experience
  • Philips Design
  • Different renown Dutch design consultancy firms:
    – Fabrique [brands,design & interaction]
    – Flex/The Innovationlab
    – NPK Design
    – Studio Dumbar
  • Premsela institute for Design and Fashion
  • Dutch Professional Design Association
  • Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • and more.