Mr Jason Kennedy


Acting Head of Department
Digital Design
Auckland University of Technology
Research Expertise
Animation, Acting, Performance, Motion Capture
Jason Kennedy is a lecturer, Programme Leader, and Acting Head of Department for Digital Design at Auckland University of Technology. He is a practicing artist with work in 3D animation, 3D Fine Art, video projection, and jewellery.Jason entered the fine art world circuitously through his initial ambition to become a palaeontologist. He enrolled in Albion College’s geology programme (in Albion, Michigan, USA), only to discover that while he still loved dinosaurs, he liked the idea of animating them more than digging them up. Jason graduated from Albion in 2004 with a major in studio art (drawing) and minors in geology and mathematics. He completed a MFA in electronic art from the University of Cincinnati in 2007. His Masters research focused on the role of identity and immortality vis-à-vis digital representations of self.

His current research focuses on the role that emotionally-authentic acting plays in the creation of video reference for 3D animation. He plans to begin a PhD researching this topic in 2015.

Jason is also the managing director of K. Amani Fine Jeweller, an independent boutique jeweller specialising in custom-made engagement rings and wedding rings in Auckland, New Zealand. In this role he manages the company website, 3D printing for jewellery, and designing organic sculpted jewellery.

Industry Experience
  • K. Amani Fine Jeweller – Managing Director (2011-present)
  • Auckland University of Technology – Acting Head of Department (2014-present), Programme Leader (2014-present), Lecturer (2008-present) 
  • Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati – Lead Instructor of Technical Programs (2007-08)