Dr Morteza Pourmohamadi

PhD, MA(Industrial Design), BA(Industrial Design), Dip(Mathematics and Physics)

Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial Design
Tabriz Islamic Art University
Research Expertise
Branding, Corporate Communications, Strategic Design
Morteza Pourmohamadi received his PhD degree in Design Computing and Cognition from The University of Sydney in 2012. His research interests are the applications of graph theory and network analysis in cognitive studies of design, creativity and innovation, and the applications of computers in generative and parametric design. Morteza is an active industrial design freelancer and entrepreneur, taking on different design projects such as industrial machines, metal structures and animations. Morteza is teaching different design courses in BA and MA degrees of industrial design, including futuristic design, design research methods, and computer aided design. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Department of Industrial Design at Tabriz Islamic Art University.
Industry Experience
  • Design Quintessence Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia 
  • Gazar Loader Pty Ltd, Tabriz, Iran 
  • Iran Industrial Machinery Co (I.T.I.M.Co), Tabriz, Iran