Dr Manuel Martínez Torán


Lecturer and Researcher
Faculty of Design & Fab Research Institute (IDF)
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Research Expertise
Craft Design, Design Thinking, Prospective, Maker Culture
PhD by the design program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (since 1998)
Lecture of Product Design at the Engineering Design School (since 1995)
Design and Fab Research Institute Assistant Manager (2012-2014)
Design and Fab Research Institute member (since 2009)
FabLab Valencia Director (since 2012)
He has participate in two European and 25 R&D projects of design as principal researcher. He has published five books, two books shared, twelve book chapters, fourteen contributions at conferences and has published a patent recognized. He has been visiting lecture in Argentina (2002), Mexico (2006 and 2007), Chile (2011 and 2012) and Colombia (2013).Design and scientific affiliations:
Member of the Designers Association of Valencia (ADCV) since 1992
Scientific secretary of the INDITECcCongress six calls (2003-11).
Member of the scientific committee of the Design and Fab Research Institute (2010-14)
Jury Member of Spanish Design since 2011
Member of the Design Research Society (DRS), and the International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) since 2011
Member of the Fab Lab network Iberian while its international network (FabLab Foundation), coordinated by MIT since 2012
Member of the Design Thinking (DT) Network Academy since 2012
Editorial Board Member in content design distorts Culture Magazine Online since 2012Exhibitions:
He has curated diverse exhibitions of design and crafts in local and national entities: Fundesarte, Handicraft Center Valencia, Museo de El Carmen, Mainel Foundation and International Fair of Valencia.
Industry Experience
  • He has been Design & Engineering Manager (four years on Technical Office) on Technologic & Innovation Center (1996-2000)
  • Design and development of an instrument for arthroscopic surgery (Resulmed)
  • Personal swatch Vigar Collection, design a broom (Vigar)
  • Design of an aerodynamic helmet biking (Catlike)
  • Design of a metal stand (Vicris)
  • Management design, previous studies and supervision strategic development new product line designed by young designers (Circle Furniture)
  • Management, design and development of the concept DI6 room furniture (Diseis Concept)
  • Design security appliance for home automation (Ballmart)
  • Design and development tool for preparation of hailstorms drinks (Panach)
  • Design collection of souvenirs with craft workshops (Craft Centre the Valencian Community)

Awards and Citations

  • 2nd award CEVISAMA ceramic design (1992)
  • Valencian Studies Research Institute (IVEI-CSIC), predoctoral Scholarship (1991)
  • Polytechnic University research scholar (1992-93)
  • Head of Design Department, Technology Center (1995-1999)
  • Associate Professor (since 1995)
  • Obtaining of holder as a University Lecture (2003)
  • Prospective Award, Evaluation and Foresight Agency of Valencia (AVAP) (2010)
  • Awarded aid for research on Craft Research Fundesarte (2011)
  • Finalist for Spanish National Craft Awards (2013)