Future scenarios for design and craft: The Spanish case

craft design, design thinking, maker culture, digital & fab design

The objective of this research was to study typical handicraft businesses and workshops in order to design and construct suitable and realistic future scenarios, which the industry can use to develop a profitable business model.

 The study seeks to make a contribution to the Spanish handicraft industry by improving its strategic management and the design of specific innovation-based activities, which can help to guide well-informed and thought-out decision-making.

We have made use of all the necessary tools in order to be able to establish the guidelines and standards which structure the different models and types of activities, providing a framework with which to improve innovation processes, whether these are structural, functional, communicative or commercial in nature. In this way, all efforts can be systematised and co-ordinated for greater efficiency within the industry and, more especially, within companies. It is also our view that design, as a discipline, can play a fundamental role in the planning and development of this vision of the future for products and services and it is with this in mind that this prospective study was carried out, seeking to bring together creativity and commerce, the basis of the handicraft industry.


Dr Manuel Martínez Torán


Professor Chele Esteve Sendra