Research Conference

About the Research Conference
The Design for Business: Research program presents rigorous academic research examining the role of design in building competitive business advantage. We believe that design led innovation offers strategic advantage that can lead to improved productivity and increased economic prosperity, whether it refers to the development of new business platforms, communication strategies, products or services.

The program is committed to providing an annual platform for researchers in the region. Its aim is to be collegiate and to provide a relevant and meaningful resource to the research community.

By encouraging discourse on design and its benefits to business, we help our stakeholders to further understanding about the role of design in creating value. The material presented at this conference is published globally via Intellect Books and their association with University of Chicago Press.

Initiated in 2011, this trans-disciplinary conference invites researchers and professionals from Australia and around the world to present their latest studies on the intersection of design and business. All submissions are subjected to a rigorous peer review of over 100 internationally acclaimed research experts.

Design for Business: Research Conference conducted in Melbourne is a key event at the annual Melbourne International Design Week. The program is presented by agIdeas in partnership with the State Government of Victoria and Swinburne University of Technology, with support from RMIT University and Auckland University of Technology.

The content from this program is shared with a broad audience through the Ideas on Design platform and Executive Summaries distributed through the business community.