In 2015 Ideas on Design proudly celebrated 25 years of presenting design programs for creative professionals and students, businesses, schools and the general community. We would like to thank all those who have been part of this remarkable journey. Ideas on Design will continue to create and develop a range of large scale and niche events that will assist in building design capabilities in our region.

We will not be running the agIdeas International Design Forum this year in Melbourne as we have exciting plans to launch a full agIdeas program abroad. Instead, for Melbourne, we are curating a series of niche events. The first for 2016 was Gnomon Live Australia, which delivered a masterclass program in partnership with the Gnomon School of VFX, games and animation. With this first Gnomon Live Australia, Alex Alvarez, founder of Gnomon, curated a program for our region that would explore skill sets across production areas, for those artists and designers creating for the entertainment industry. You will see from the photos and comments in the event gallery that those who attended left inspired and better informed to continue to strive for excellence and will contribute to the growing capability of our entertainment industry.

Our next professional event will focus on Typography and the skills necessary for the visual communication of the written word. Subscribe to our newsletter for details and date announcements for this and forthcoming events.

Recent Events


Design Futures Careers Forum and Course Expo 2016


Gnomon Live Australia: The Art of Entertainment


Secondary School Forum: Careers in Entertainment Art and Design


Co-Design Workshop

Past Featured Speakers


Featured Speaker: Wesley Burt


Featured Speaker: Raymond Coffey

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Featured Speaker: Gemma O'Brien


Featured Speaker: Neville Page